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Training can be done in your conference room or one on one. For smaller offices, the most efficient use of training time is done using a "train the trainer" approach.

We have found that the easiest way to do training is to use an enclosed office which can be set up with the various phones which will be live on the new system but prior to the cutover date. Users will be brought into the room by the IPO Techs trained "Trainer" and introduced to the phone model and procedures. Also at this time the users voicemail box will be setup by the end user and other initial password items will be completed. In this manner, on go live day, users can begin using their phones immediately without having to go through steps during the beginning of the workday. 

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The amount of training is typically negotiated during the proposal process where a number or days or hours is set aside for these purposes. All scheduling of classes or one on one sessions to be coordinated by the customer working with our Project Manager.


In certain circumstances, remote training is the best option. We will call into a conference or cell phone where at least three phones are in close proximity. We then estanblish a remote connection to the system so we can observe how people are using the test phones. We then walk through our training guide, having the attendees use the phones to match what is being learned. We feel a hands on approach is best way to learn a new phone systems features.

We allow questions to be asked during the training and then circle back to the curriculum when the questions have been answered. Classes are usually an hour or less.

This works well for a groups of up to 6 people. We provide custom handouts and also provide a link to our online YouTube videos which will reinforce what was learned in the remote training.


Training for the Receptionist or Operator is a key element in an overall training plan for your new phone system. The use of holding, transfers (announced or unannounced), parking, direct transfer to voicemail, paging, integration with executives, and precense awareness are all useful skills or tools to handle your customers calls efficiently and effectively.

Specialized training for IT or Telecom staff is also available and is made a part of the installation if desired. Your staff can shadow our installers and programmers. Active participation in various stages of the setup and customization will be encouraged. There is no additional charge for this training.

Our Admin Training covers adding users, groups, call routing, password changes, and call flow.  Also covered is how to use the system status tool, a useful realtime tool to see who is on the phone from a global perspctive and also any alarms that have occurred.  This will help greatly in troubleshooting any phon eline issues.


IP Office Techs also offers training for the following skillsets for new or existing installations and upgrades of IP Office:

  • End User
  • Call Center Agent
  • Call Center Supervisor
  • Basic Phone System Administration
  • Report Generation Manager
  • Operator or Receptionist
  • Road Warrior
  • Teleworker
  • Power User
  • Home Based User
  • Phone Interconnections (for Building Engineer)

Which type of training from the above list will be decided ahead of time along with the number of attendees per class.

Handouts (end user guides) will be provided for up to 10 users. Over 10 users and files will be provided for your printout. Separate handouts will be provided for phone set useage and voicemail functions