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Whether you're a telecom administrator, a business owner who needs some extra support, or a telecom company who needs additional support for your customers, we can help! Our skilled technicians are on call to assist and also remote program the systems listed below. From a password reset to adding additional functionality to your system, we have the knowledge to take care of the issue.  Just call us at 888.530.9112 or fill in the following e-form to get started.   Go to Form

The rate for remote work is $75 per half hour during normal business hours of Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm CST. Within a half hour, basic password resets and other quick fixes can be accomplished. More complex work involving auto attendants and line issue work will typcally take an hour and sometimes more. We can give you a rough estimate once we talk with you and discuss your needs.

For remote work other than Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm CST, the rate is $125 per half hour. 
For new customers, a credit card is required to schedule the support request. We charge at the end of support and only if we are able to help with your issue or programming need.

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When working with IP Office we generally ask for a remote connection to the Server, PC, or Laptop with the system Manager software on it. We typically ask that you have Teamviewer installed and ready to go. We can also provide a client for our Splashtop remote utility if this will be an ongoing support project.

In a similar fashion for the BCM series of Nortel PBXs, please provide remote access to a PC running BCM Element Manager. We can assist in getting this setup if needed. We can also provide a remote laptop for engagements requiring remote programming access to a Nortel Norstar system such as a Modular or Compact ICS system.

The only systems that we cannot remote program are the Avaya Partner and Merlin/Legend series.


  • Avaya IP Office (IP 400, IP500V1, IP500V2, Server Edition)
  • Avaya Enterprise Platforms - CM, Aura, Definity, S8xxx Servers, G Series Gateways
  • Mitel MiVoice 50 and Mitel 5000
  • Asterisk VoIP Based Systems such as FreePBX, Elastix, and TrixBox
  • Avaya CCR
  • Avaya Voicemail Pro
  • Avaya Embedded Voicemail
  • Avaya Partner
  • Avaya Legend
  • Avaya Definity
  • Nortel BCM Series
  • Nortel CICS
  • Nortel MICS
  • Nortel Nortsar (Meridian) Modular ICS
  • Nortel Norstar (Meridian) Compact ICS
  • Nortel Call Pilot Voicemali System