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For onsite installations in our service area we follow an installation timeline as follows:

Week 1

  1. Quote received, Parts Ordered
  2. Begin gathering system programming information                                                             

Week 2

  1. Parts received and inventoried, parts staged
  2. Programming Begun
  3. Discussion with Network Vendor re new switches
  4. Site readied for installation

Week 3

  1. Prepare training materials .5 day
  2. Install product in rack .5 day
  3. Onsite Testing .5 day
  4. Phone Line Testing at end of day 1 hour
  5. Prepare Training Room
  6. Training .5 day
  7. Place Phones in advance of cutover (IP Phones) 1 day
  8. Cut over 1 day (for after cutover testing and support issues)
  9. First Day of Business .5 day

The above timeline is a guideline. A 3 week time frame above is typical for a larger system but delays may occur for reasons out of control such as procurement of initial programming documents and changes to plan mid way through project, phone company issues, installation of new switches, adjustments needed to new switches if phones do not connect to PBX, etc.

Smaller systems under 10 phones can typically be done in one day.

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