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IP Office Multi Site Networking SCN is known as Small Community Networking in the IP Office world. IP Office systems linked by IP trunks can have Small Community Networking (SCN) enabled. Using SCN and the separate IP Office systems 'learn' eachother's extension numbers and user name. This allows extension calls between systems and support for a range of internal call features. IP Office Small Community Networking currently can support up to a maximum of 1000 extensions across up to 32 IP Office Systems.

IP Office can tie your offices together as if everyone was at the same site, including:

  • 3 or 4 digit dialing between sites to extensions or groups of extensions. (no LD charges)
  • Centralized voicemail. (saves money and administration)
  • Paging across the Enterprise.
  • Precense across the Enterprise. (know if someone is on the phone from a computer app)
  • Have one operator hangle all calls or fail over to your main office if remote sites are busy.
  • Work at home with IP Phones and a VPN.
  • Consolidate Call Center reports across the Enterprise.
  • Forward to cell phones or temporary locations. 

To set up a Small Community Network, the following are required:

  • A working IP trunk between the IP Office systems that has been tested for correct voice and data traffic routing.
  • For Small Community Networks of more then two IP Office systems, a star network configuration is recommended.
  • VCM modules are required in all systems.
  • The extension and group numbering on each system must be unique.
  • The extension and group names on each system must be unique. 
  • It is also recommended that all names and number (groups, line, services, etc.) on the separate IP Office systems are kept unique. (This will reduce potential maintenance confusion)
  • All systems should use the same set of Telephony timers, especially the Default No Answer Time. 

Connect your sites point to point or in a mesh design and keep your business connected.

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