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Since 1990, DuVoice has been making great easy to use voice mail systems for general business, government, hotel/motel, medical, education and real estate applications form 2 to 10,000 mailboxes. DuVoice Systems run on Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system making administration as easy as a right mouse click. DuVoice servers are designed to work with all phone systems including Avaya, Cisco, Shoretel, Toshiba, and more. DuVoice is an Avaya Business Developer Partner and their systems are certified to work with Avaya manufactured telephone systems. 

The DV2000 Unified Messaging Servers also integrate with most telephone system manufactures. With DuVoice Unified Messaging, voicemail and faxes can be retrieved from email making it easier then ever to manage messages.

DV4 & DV2000 Messaging from DuVoice

The once separate worlds of voicemail, E-mail, and Fax have merged into one. DuVoice makes a family of products that help to combine these media into a single Unified messaging solution. DV4 provides a cost-effective solution for even the smallest organizations while DV2000 serves the needs of very large enterprise users. 

DV4 & DV200 Messaging from DuVoice Brochure

DV200/DV4 VM/AA/Wakeup IP Office Manager Call Accounting Map

DV2000 FAX Inbound Fax Server Brochure

Integration Information and Compatibility Spreadsheet


InnDesk is a web-based application that allows the user to view room and wakeup call status information provided by the DV2000/DV4 system. It can also be used to preform some basic room and wakeup call management functions, such as checking a room in or out, and scheduling or canceling a wakeup call. 

InnDesk is only available if the system is licensed for InnDesk. 

InnDesk Web Enabled Guest Administration Console for Hotel Staff Brochure

Property Management System Interface

Many motels and hotels use property Management Systems (PMS) to manage reservations, check-in/check-out, billing and more. DuVoice integrates with most popular PMS products available today. 

The DuVoice system acts as 'middleware' between PMS and the telephone system, automatically restricting room phone long distance access upon checkout. 

Property Management System for DuVoice Brochure

PMS Interface for IP Office

DuVoice is a DevConnect member that provides a comprehensive voicemail, automated attendant, wakeup ccall, PMS interface and call accounting platform for small, mid-sized and large properties. 

The DuVoice PMS interface allows a single interface for automatic control over the guest room telephones and voice messaging system. 

Hospitality Messaging Wake-Up Calls PMS Interface for IP Office Brochure

Application Notes for DuVoice with Avaya IP Office 9.0-Issue 1.0

Messaging & Wake-Up Calls for Avaya IP Office

Combine the latest hotel switch from Avaya and DuVoice hospitality messaging for a powerful, affordable 'future proof' telecommunications package. 

Messaging & Wake-Up Calls For Avaya IP Office Brochure

Messaging for Avaya Partner Brochure

Messaging and IVR Product Overview Spreadsheet

Wakeup Call System

With a few keystrokes, guests can schedule their own wakeup calls on their room phones. User friendly prompts walk them through the process and play a confirmations of the time and date. Guests can even set multiple wake-up calls for the same room. 

Hotel staff can also schedule wakeup calls for the guests, either by touch-tone commands on the telephone set, or through InnDesk with a point and click interface on any PC on the network. 

DuVoice Wakeup Call System Brochure